New Zealanders are wary of misinformation

For two years, I have been researching trust in news in New Zealand with my colleague Greg Treadwell at AUT. Our research is done in collaboration with Reuters Institute for Study of Journalism. Our new article about trust – a slippery concept – is published in Kōtuitui New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online, and it is freely accessible. The article is titled “In media we trust? A comparative analysis of news trust in New Zealand and other Western markets.” What did we find? “The data reveals that television news and financial newspapers scored highly in trust in New Zealand and selected other news markets.” Another finding was that “New Zealanders have a high level of mistrust of the information they read or see on the internet. Compared to the 38-country average, New Zealanders are clearly more wary of misinformation and disinformation spreading on the net.” The article is available here.