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Nieman Lab: http://www.niemanlab.org/reading/facebook-google-are-far-from-struggling-with-digital-advertising-revenue/

RNZ: https://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/mediawatch/audio/2018661397/time-to-cut-the-cord-with-the-tech-titans

RNZ: https://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/mediawatch/audio/2018692495/nzme-puts-a-price-on-its-paywall

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Some recent media coverage:

On air:

  • RNZ, MediaWatch, September 9, 2018: Time to cut the cord with the tech titans
  • RNZ Jesse Mulligan, March 2013, 2018: Tell me about your thesis.
  • RNZ, December 5, 2017: “The latest New Zealand media ownership report highlights the number of privately-owned outlets.”
  • RNZ, May 3, 2017.  “AUT’s Merja Myllylahti explains the pros and cons of the rejected merger of NZME and Fairfax Media.”
  • RNZ, May 11, 2016. “Merja Myllylahti is an expert in media ownership at AUT, who says there is potentially a seismic shift in media in New Zealand.”
  • Maori TV, Media Take, May 17, 2016, Series 3, Episode 10.

In print and online:

  • The NBR: September 11, 2018, Google, Facebook and New Zealand media report featured.
  • The Newsroom, December 11, 2017, JMAD New Zealand media ownership report featured
  • The Listener, June 10, 2017, about media convergence in New Zealand: AUT’s media researcher Merja Myllylahti notes that content-sharing will reduce the range of opinions and news covered. “I’m worried that we recycle the same material over and over again, so as an audience you get the same stuff.”
  • The New Zealand Herald, May 3, 2017, about Commerce Commission’s decision to deny NZME-Fairfax merger: AUT media ownership expert Merja Myllylahti said there was no winner in the decision.”The merger would not have been a salvation for the companies. There was no guarantees that this merger would have solved their fundamental revenue problems.”
  • The National Business Review, May 3, 2017, about Commerce Commission’s decision to deny NZME-Fairfax merger: Merja Myllylahti, project Manager at AUT’s research center for Journalism, Media and Democracy welcomed the decision as being “in the public interest” but there was no winner and “no cause for celebration”.
  • Asia Pacific Report, May 3, 2017, about Commerce Commission’s decision to deny NZME-Fairfax merger: The ComCom’s decision to reject NZME-Fairfax merger was welcomed by JMAD’s project manager Merja Myllylahti. “I think the decision is in the public’s interest if you think that there’s now no single company which controls most of the online and print news assets in New Zealand.