Academic experience

I am experienced researcher, senior lecturer and tutor at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), School of Communication Studies, in Auckland. I am part of the newly established Critical Media Studies department at the School. I am also co-director of AUT research centre for Journalism, Media and Democracy (JMAD).

Before moving to academia, I worked as a financial and business journalist. I started my journalism career in Helsinki, Finland, and then worked in London, the United Kingdom, for 15 as a correspondent. I have experience in print, online and television journalism. I move to New Zealand in 2009, and to academia in 2011.

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  • Since December 2020, senior lecturer at AUT
  • Since early 2019, co-director of JMAD
  • Since February 2019, tenured lecturer at AUT
  • 2017-2018, post-doctoral research fellow at AUT
  • 2011-2019, project manager of JMAD
  • 2011-2020, the author at JMAD
  • 2011-2019, contract lecturer at AUT

Currently teaching

  • Communication ethics
  • Journalism ethics
  • Media, technology & society
  • Media, politics and citizenship