Are publishers handing more power to Google?

I wrote in The Conversation about Google’s new subscription tool which supposedly helps news publishers to sell digital subscriptions. It is impossible to say yet, if it works. Couple of thoughts from my article:

“It’s surprising that news publishers seem to hand more power to Google because now more than ever there’s an urgency to have clear barriers between news companies, social media platforms and search engines.”

Screenshot 2021-09-06 at 11-51-17 Google and Facebook cosy up to media companies in response to the threat of regulation

“News publishers have already given Facebook substantial power in terms of their news distribution. As the constant tweaks to Facebook’s News Feed show, any changes to the platform policies or algorithms can affect news publishers’ traffic and potential revenue. One has to wonder, why publishers hand so much power over to these companies when they get so little in return?”

Full article in The Conversation.