Dancing dangerous tango with Facebook

Facebook’s news tab has created lots of headlines, and not surprisingly, I was also interviewed about the topic by the National Business Review (NZ). The interview is behind a paywall, but here are couple of my snippets:

“Myllylahti said that she didn’t understand why publishers were “dancing this tango” given Facebook’s history of broken promises, such as its Instant Articles feature.”

She said these sorts of bait-and-switch promises had generated a lot of cynicism from media companies about Facebook and she suggested standing back from its news section to see how it shapes up before joining.

“One positive note is that Facebook is finally acknowledging it can’t use other people’s content for free. But it is suspicious that it is doing so now when there are heaps of issues such as privacy, data, trust and fake news that haven’t gone away. “

Full article is available on the NBR website.